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Brian & Carl focused on writing songs on the acoustic guitar. In January 2011 John answered a musicians wanted AD. John plays bass and acoustic guitar.

Brian & Carl started working on music together in 1999, we had a full band, with a drummer and bass player. Getting everyone on the same page wasn't happening. After going through the usual band drama we decided to keep things simple.

Here's a video of Brian in the studio and some live shots.

The name Big Blue X comes from our oceans.

Brian built a practice studio in his garage where we rehearse. Brian took piano lessons growing up as a kid. Then he started playing football and tried out for the Toronto Argos. He also worked as a commercial deep sea diver for a while.

Bass is John’s first instrument, he left a full time cover band that was playing over 200 gigs a year. After 5 years of cover band gigs he needed an outlet for the more than 70 original songs he’d written. John also plays acoustic guitar and sings with his solo project, releasing a solo album in 2012. John's Solo site

Carl plays the acoustic guitar, sometimes picking up an electric guitar & piano/keys. Carl started out playing the drums on a few independent albums with bands 98DA and Mugwump. Carl focuses on the raw basics of good old song writing on acoustic guitar and piano. Carl spends a lot of time hiking in wild forests & the occasional desert. Carl on Twitter.


Monkey killing monkey killing monkey 
Over pieces of the ground 
Silly monkey give ‘em thumbs 
They forge a club to beat their brother down 
- War Pigs (Right in Two)

Go For It

Early on Big Blue X focused on writing original songs and recording demos in our home studio. We also played a some live gigs. The band added cover songs to the live set: Bob Marley's "Redemption Song", Pink Floyd's "Time", "Everlong" by The Foo Fighters, and "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath.

In December 2008 Brian & Carl went into B-Town Studio to record 10 songs "live off the floor". The demo's we did at B-Town helped us get our game together. It gave us the opportunity to work with producer Justin Koop, who helped take our song writing to a new level.

"Escapism Generation Waste", our 1st single was released in April 2009. For the past few years we've been recording demos in our home studio. We are working towards official releases of War Pigs (Right in Two) and a few more songs from the demo sessions.

Listen to our music here. Got something to say, contact us. Hope to see you at a gig sometime soon.

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