"Kisses for Haley" Benefit

The Hardball, 8750 Regional Road 25, Milton, Ontario

Big Blue X is starting at 8:45, details are below, hope ya can make it out...

Haley is the daughter of our good friend Sherry Champion Stewart.
Haley has an in-operable Brain AVM & one of her only hopes is to raise enough money for a trip to the USA to see if doctors at the Mayo Clinic can help save her precious life. An AVM is a tangle of abnormal and poorly formed blood vessels (arteries and veins). They have a higher rate of bleeding than normal vessels. AVMs can occur anywhere in the body. Brain AVMs are of special concern because of the damage they cause when they bleed. They are very rare and occur in less than 1% of the general population. AVMs that occur in the coverings of the brain are called dural avms.

CRUED is doing our Saints of Toronto show
Alleytatz studios will be there doing INK & peircings.
Local rockers Six Feet Deep are on the bill
Along with Hand Over Fist
Opening the evening is Big Blue X

Original ROCK that'll have you head bangin' all night long !!!!
We'll have HOT chicks in a kissing booth
We'll have HOT guys in a kissing booth
We'll have a BIG card to sign
A Dance Off

All aimed at raising money for Haley & Sherry to get through this.
Northern Lights & Rock'N'Roll Merch will have temporary tats, T's & swag for sale with all proceeds going to help Haley.

We'll have food, draws, raffles, a pool table tournament, some cool bands & LOTS of awesome friends.

Hardball Cafe
8750 Regional Road 25, Milton, ON
(905) 876-2582


Age limit: 19+