Big Blue X, Live Gig. Sept 24th Art, Music & Community Yoga (Outdoor)

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Central Park, Drury Lane & New Street., Burlington, Ontario

An evening of Art, Music & Community Yoga (Outdoor)

Big Blue X live gig with the full band starts at 6:30pm. Gig details are below.
BTW: if you haven't heard Pulses (Your Light) yet, visit the BBX web site

Yoga & live music (John Bauld, Big Blue X)
Central Park 4pm-8pm, Saturday, Sept 24th. Burlington, Ontario.
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There is also a Labyrinth you can walk, see the link below for a map and more info:

4-5pm - Opening, delights of vendor booths, raffle, auction tables, delicious raw organic food.

5-6pm - Community Yoga practice. LIVE, LOVE, CONNECT & CELEBRATE
           - led by Trish Dingman with live music from John William Bauld and Bobbyji.

6:30-7:30pm - Live Music Performance by Big Blue X.

7:35pm - Prize winners announced.

$5 minimum donation.

Location: Central Park, Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Drury Lane & New Street.



Presented by Kula Yoga.

Age limit: All ages